Final notes:

Mailing your quilt

If you would like to mail your quilt to me, you will be responsible for the shipping charges both ways. I will contact you when I have received your quilt and notify you when your quilt is completed. Your quilt will be returned to you with a minimum of $100 of insurance, unless otherwise stated.

Rush services are available. There will be a 50% premium for quilt orders requiring a shorter than normal turnaround time.

To reach an estimated price, figure the square inches of your quilt. For example, if your quilt is 60" by 40", your square inch total would be 2,400 square inches. Multiply that total by the price per square inch on the type of quilting desired (2400 X .045 = $108.00). Orders of $250 or more require a 50% deposit, with the balance due at delivery.

Fancy Quilting

This level of quilting is of "Quilt Show" quality. This method usually entails working within specific quilt blocks. Designs, such as feathering, olive wreaths and cobweb, are created using free motion rather than a pantograph. The border receives special attention, rather than being part of an over-all design.

Starting at $0.045 per square inch.

Quilt Top Preparation

In order for your top to be quilted free of puckers and pleats, there are a few steps that you, as the piecer, can follow:

It is important to have your quilt as flat as possible. The seams should all be “pressed well” and not twisted. This prevents bumps. The back of your quilt top should be as neat as the front.

Your quilt top should be square. Fold in half lengthwise – do the edges line up? Then fold the quilt crosswise. These edges should also line up. If your edges are wavy or uneven, you should remove the borders, re-measure, and then re-sew.

Loose threads on the back of your quilt top should be clipped, especially if your quilt top has distinct light and dark colors. Dark threads will show through the lighter fabric.

If you have washed the fabric on your quilt top, the backing fabric should also be washed and pressed.

Backing fabric and bating must be 3 inches wider and 8 inches longer than your quilt top.   You can add strips of muslin fabric to the bottom and top.  You could rip the seam when its time to do the binding, or just slice it off with a rotary cutter.  I need the extra fabric, so I can attach the backing into the long arm machine.

    Quilters Tip #1: you can also sash a pieced quilt top this way.  I lock the edge seams together, Its what I do when I have lots of seams along the edge.  I just Cut off the muslin with the extra batting and backing when I get ready to bind.
    Quilters Tip #2: If your backing needs to be pieced, the selvage must be should before piecing, as the selvage is a tighter weave and will pucker.

Long arm quilting and quilt designer​

Extreme Quilting

This type of dense quilting is free motion quilting to the extreme. This method is different from fancy quilting because it involves micro stippling, a type of extremely tight stitching used in the "white space" found in quilts. It can also involve changing thread color and multiple border designs, that are all used to create a quilt that can be handed down for years to come.

Starting at $0.20 per square inch.

Here are the different types of quilttng that can be used on your quilts.
Do you have a quilt top that needs finishing? Would you like an original custom made quilt for a special occasion?
Moon Shadow Quilts produces the high quality innovative quilts to suit your needs.
I can either finish your quilt tops with long arm stitching or create original quilt arts.

Table runners, wall hangings, and traditional bed spreads are some of the items that can be quilted.
Long Arm Machine Rates are based on a per square inch rate.

First time customers: There will be a 25% discount on your quilting order.

Log Arm Quilting

Meandering Quilting

Meander stitching, also known as a jig-saw stitching, entails a one line fill-in design done over the entire quilt. Because this type of quilting is quick, I can offer it at this low rate.

Starting at $0.015 per square inch.

Simple Quilting

Creativity can really be unleashed through this type of freehand quilting. I can do any type of repetitive, original designs that will compliment your quilt top. Not as extensive as fancy quilting, but more involved than meandering, this type of quilting enhances the overall look of the quilt.

Starting at $0.025per square inch.

Additional Services

Thread – Included in the pricing is a wide assortment of thread colors. However, there is an additional $5.00 charge per thread change. Specialty threads are $20 per quilt. Specialty threads include glow-in-the-dark, invisible, and metallic threads.

Batting - You are welcome to provide your own batting.  At this time, I have a number of batting Types available. Prices are based on local retail price at linear feet, based on the width of the quilt + 4 inches and length of the quilt + 4 inches. 

Binding – Binding services are available. Prices are for linear feet, based on length and width of the quilt. Price starts at $.30 per inch.

Labeling – Custom quilt labels are available:

Handwritten - $5.00,

Computer designed and printed - $8.00,

Embroidered 4x4 message or design - $10.00.